Do I Need a Worker’s Compensation Attorney?
By: Kevin J. McGarrey, Esq.

Here’s the scenario:  you’ve fallen off a ladder at work and injured your lower back so severely that you can’t do your job.  You apply for worker’s compensation benefits and are denied by the insurance company.  Should you get a lawyer?

In Pennsylvania, if you are injured while at work, you are entitled by law to have your
medical bills and up to 2/3 of your lost wages paid. In situations of long-term injury, you
can often obtain a settlement now for future wage loss. Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies often do not cooperate with the injured worker.

Workers' compensation covers all injuries related to a worker's job, whether they are the
result of an accident such as slip and fall or a construction accident, or virtually any other
work-related cause. For instance, many people do not realize that repetitive stress injuries
such as carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis of the knee are covered by workers’
compensation, as are occupational diseases resulting from the exposure to toxic chemicals or other condition. Workers who suffer job-related hearing loss are also entitled to compensation.

That's why if you, a loved one or a friend has been injured, you should contact a qualified attorney who knows his way around the complexity of the Pennsylvania Workman’s Compensation code.

For example:  The PA Workers' Compensation Act was recently signed into law. The act imposes additional requirements and prohibitions to the state's already complicated workers' compensation system such as revisions to the reimbursement rates and fee schedule review process, self-referral prohibitions, and alterations to the utilization review and peer review process.

Did you get all that?    Listen, you can “go it alone” and there’s a slight chance that you can win your case without a lawyer.  But, there is a much greater chance that you’ll be facing an insurance company’s high priced lawyer who knows every trick in the book to deny you your rightful benefits and lose your case.

The lawyers at have over 40 years of combined worker’s compensation experience.  They’ll do everything possible to help you understand your rights and get the best possible results. We’re there to protect injured workers and will take the necessary legal action to ensure all disability claims are accurately

The bottom line is that you are much more likely to win your initial request for worker’s compensation benefits and the subsequent attempts by the insurance company to take those benefits away from you if you have an experienced worker’s compensation attorney.

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